“Small Wonders” By Susie Brown

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Small Wonders and the inspiration behind it.

I love this story!  It lived in my head for a couple of years before I started writing it down and soon I was falling in love with the characters.  The original thought came as I was making  doll clothes, doll furniture and cute accessories for my granddaughter’s dollhouses.  The furniture was so realistic I started getting orders for them.  I have given them away as gifts for years and many of the girls are still playing with theirs today.  The biggest thrill is to see my granddaughters play with theirs.  I went all out on this stuff.  I made beautifully upholstered sofas, beds with beautiful linens, rugs, chairs etc. 

During this time, I always had this silly little thought run through my mind…”Wouldn’t be cool if I had real people the size of barbies to make these things for?”  While playing with my granddaughters and pretending with them, the story began to grow in my mind thus turning into a novel.  This is not written as a children’s book.  However children would love the story. I would think this book would be great for middle school readers and up! But especially for women who love adventures, arts and crafts, sewing, and clean romance.

Small Wonders   takes you away to a private island, that has hidden secrets. It is a refreshingly clean tale that provides emotional discoveries, subtle Christian principles, uncharted adventures with the lure of a beautiful romance, the strength and love of family, friendships and the power of prayer. This imaginatively creative story introduces many delightful characters that I love and it seems that everyone else is  falling in love with too. The many twists and turns will test your faith while keeping you guessing all the way to the end.  Warm and fuzzy story that keeps a smile on your face!  A quick, must read for any age.

Publication Date: January 7, 2011  SEE REVIEWS BELOW 

 Upon discovering the unlikely existence of people no taller than a Barbie doll, living hidden deep in the forest of Waid’s private island, he abandons his wealthy life on the mainland to stay on the island to protect them from being discovered by the outside world.After years of living a peaceful life together, Tina, a tiny teenage girl from the island accidentally ends up on the mainland alone, as the result of a terrible storm. During Waid’s desperate quest to find her, Tina inadvertently finds herself in the home of  a woman who collects dollhouses, some of which are just Tina’s size.  Bev was thrilled with her discovery of Tina although doubting her on sanity.  Feeling an overwhelming need to keep Tina a secret from her friends, the two develop an unlikely friendship as Bev finds a way to get her tiny new friend home to this strange island and her family.  When Waid discovers that Tina is safe, will he let Bev come ashore and meet Tina’s family and friends or will he be too protective?  A complex relationship is formed between her and Waid as they work together to provide a new way of life for the tiny islanders and surprisingly for themselves.  What would you do if you found these small wonders?  Would you announce the extraordinary discovery from the mountain tops or would you keep their existence a secret from the outside world, like Waid did?Order Here:

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“A wounderful book, a sweet story for all ages! can’t wait for book 2, not quite finished but loving it, will report when finished. GREAT JOB and ALL the LUCK too you !! JULES !!!!”

“Susie brown, Ur book was awesome!!!! I finished reading it in 3 days! Lol it was amazing  Yim Lee”

“Great story! Get the book today! Jean Young”

“I just finished your book, Susie! What a surprise! You are an accomplished writer, and I enjoyed the plot so much. I wonder if there has ever been a book like it. Truly unique. What an imagination you have. It occurred to me that you could also create a children’s version of the story with illustrations. I guarantee you it would sell like hotcakes, and also dollhouse sales would skyrocket across the country! It would also make a good movie. There is no telling what the Lord has in store for you. You are certainly talented and highly creative!  Nancy Petrey”

“Small Wonders is an interesting and imaginative story, and Susie Brown tells it very well. It is a refreshing escape from the dark subjects so prevalent in today’s novels. I’m looking forward to more from this author. Kim Taylor”

“I loved Small Wonders! The story is so imaginative, and the characters are loveable. It is an easy read, and I think it is very appropriate for all ages. Susie Brown does a great job of describing how these “small people” cope in a full size world, and reading about the adventures they have along the way is very enjoyable. I look forward to the next book. Joy Taylor”

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