Organizing Your Bedroom

Organizing Your Bedroom

organizing your bedroomOrganizing your bedroom will directly impact your sense of well being.  Our bedroom is our most private and personal home sanctuary.  It’s the place where you start your day and finish your day.  It should be relaxing and stress free.  Studies have shown that what you’re thinking about when you go to sleep effects how you sleep and your mood when you wake up.  So if your last mental image is of chaos and clutter, you’re not setting the stage for quality sleep.

Doctors who treat sleep disorders have shown that clean, uncluttered bedrooms make for happy homes and a good night’s rest.  A chaotic and cluttered bedroom makes you feel wired and tired.  If you want sweet dreams, it’s time to reclaim your sanctuary by organizing your bedroom.

What’s the first place in your home that experts recommend you declutter and organize first?  If you said the living room, kitchen or bathroom, guess again.  It’s organizing your bedroom.

A lot of you get overwhelmed when it comes to organizing your bedroom.

Here is a scenario:    The bed is unmade.  There is a chair or treadmill in the corner covered with clothes.  Your dresser is piled with books, DVDs, memorabilia from days gone by and scattered jewelry. The dresser drawers are so full that you can’t get them closed.  Your nightstand is covered with magazines, books, lotions, nail polishes, tissues, remote controls, cell phone chargers, with a few legos here and there and last night’s glass of water.  You trip over clothing, shoes, purses, shopping bags, toys and hangers that are littering the floor.  You have no idea what is under the bed.  Your expensive flat screen TV has “DUST ME” written on the screen.  Not to mention the dirty clothes piled in the corner or the ironing board in the middle of the room.  Now, let’s blow a big puff of dust in there with a few cobwebs in the corners, and you have the average, busy adult’s bedroom.  If this is you, we definitely need to get you started organizing your bedroom!

No wonder we are so stressed!!!

Who knew by not organizing your bedroom would have an impact on our health!

Organizing your bedroom will help you to reclaim your sanctuary and your sanity.

See Below for a huge selection of creative products for organizing your bedroom


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Organizing Your Bedroom:  


Organizing Your Bedroom, Step One

 Basics For Decluttering And Organizing Your Bedroom

organizing your bedroomBefore you can begin organizing your bedroom, get your three sorting bins/totes:  ORGANIZING BASICS  and gather up everything that is scattered on the floor (including under the bed) and sort them accordingly.  Continue on to the tops of your dressers, night stands, etc.  Now that you have eliminated all of the visible clutter, take this time to thoroughly clean the room.  There is no sense in pulling things out of the drawers until this is finished.


Organizing your bedroom or any room requires a purging process.  


Organizing Your Bedroom Step Two:

Cleaning Is Essential When Organizing Your Bedroom

Why even start organizing your bedroom if you do not plan on cleaning it.  Take my professional advice!!   Save yourself some work and do your cleaning in the professional way:  See:  LEARN TO CLEAN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL  These basic steps can help you if you were needing to know how to clean house or just simply organizing your bedroom.

This would be a good time to gather things from your keep bin that do not belong in your room and put them  where they belong and empty the trash bin.  

Now, I know we are talking about organizing your bedroom, but I

am going to get on my soap box just for a minute……

Would you like to know what  the THREE DIRTIEST THINGS IN YOUR HOME  are?  Could one of them actually be in your bedroom?

Organizing Your Bedroom Step Three:

Organizing Your Bedroom Drawers

Your drawers.  After you finish cleaning everything properly, the next step in organizing your bedroom is your drawers.  Utilizing your three sorting bins again, take one drawer at a time and sort.  Remember the overflowing drawers?   Be brutal and get rid of things you never use.  Once your drawers are empty, wipe down the insides.  This would be the perfect time to put down drawer liners, but in this case I recommend the many assorted scented drawer linersorganizing your bedroom.  They keep your clothes smelling fresh.  While the drawer is pulled out, check inside the dresser to see if there are wayward socks stuck back there.  Dust inside there too.  Put your empty drawers back into their slots.  Yes, put them back empty!
Let’s look in your bin and see what you have decided to keep.  
Take all of the items in the bin and sort according to category.  Socks with socks, bras with bras and so on.  As you are doing this look at these things closely.  Do the socks have holes in them?  Are they dingy?  Throw them away!!!  Or turn them into dusting rags.  Inspect all of the things carefully as you categorize.  Most of the time during this process you will actually find things that you really don’t want or need.   Are their seasonal items in there, such as swim suits, flannel pjs, etc.?  Depending organizing your bedroomon the season, only keep the things in your dresser that you will use currently.  For the seasonal items, check out this huge selection of under the bed storageorganizing your bedroom and  storage totesorganizing your bedroom to keep at the top of your closet or even in the attic or basement.  Now when I use the attic, if the container is not air tight, I will use heavy duty tape and tape the edges down to keep bugs and dust from getting inside.  I also store a dryer sheet inside each one so when you pull out your next season clothing, their are fresh.  These containers stack neatly and can be labeled accordingly.  Keep in mind when you are using your labeling machine, label the outside of each tote, listing  each “type” of item inside. Example: Swimsuits, beach towels, sandals etc.  So when you go looking for your sandals, you will know exactly which tote to go to.  Make a mental note to never store items in the attic that cannot be exposed to extreme heat or cold.  For example: Never store your Christmas candles  or your suntan lotions in the attic.
organizing your bedroom

With everything sorted you can now see what is actually going back into your drawers.  Organizing your bedroom properly requires various types of organizers.  This is where dresser drawer dividers and compartmentsorganizing your bedroom are necessary.  Decide which drawer you are going to utilize for what items.  Why just throw all of your bras into a drawer where they get all tangles up and misshaped?  These puppies
are not cheap so I recommend the bra tray.  It will save so much space.  One drawer can now serve double or even triple duty.  

 organizing your bedroomorganizing your bedroom
It is crucial when organizing your bedroom drawers that neatly folded items to go back into the drawers, such as t-shirts, make sure they are folded neatly and stacked according to color and style. I highly recommend this laundry folding board.  If you do not bother to fold them properly, then organizing your bedroom drawers is pointless.

Every t-shirt or jean is folded the exact same size for neat stacking
.  You will love using this for all of you laundry folding.  As you add things back into their new places, make sure you maximize and organized them to fit your needs.  For example: You wouldn’t want to keep your socks and underwear in the top drawer of a highboy, unless of course you are 7 feet tall.  Put your most used items in a logical easy to visualize locations.

Organizing Your Bedroom Step Four:

Organizing Your Bedroom Night Stand

Night stand:  A night stand is a very important part of organizing your bedroom because it sees a lot of action.  If we are not careful, our night stands will collect a lot of clutter.  The following ideas are to help prevent the clutter by having a place for everything you need to keep there.  

The top of your nightstand should only have a lamp, alarm clock, maybe a picture frame or an accessory.  The top drawer needs to be the place that stores all of your bedtime necessities.  Find some decorative  basketsorganizing your bedroom to place inside that will contain items such as, reading glasses, lotions, tissues, flashlight, and if you’re like me and have a snoring husband, a supply of ear plugs. 🙂  Leave room beside your basket(s) for a couple of your magazines, one book and or your journal.  If you need to keep these things on top the nightstand, find a decorative box Decorative Boxesorganizing your bedroom that works well with your décor that is not too large but large enough for things such as remote controls, cell phone, your glasses, etc.  Something that I found that works well is to drill some holes in the back of the box big enough to run your phone charger wires.  This way it is neatly stored away while charging, without all of those wires showing.

Follow the tips for organizing your bedroom in every room and you will have an organized home.

Here you will find everything else you need for accessorizing and organizing your bedroom:

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Are you struggling with organizing your bedroom?  I am here to help!

I hope this post helps get you motivated for

organizing your bedroom or any other room!

Happy Organizing!!!

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