My Favorite Things About Fall


I am grateful and blessed that I live where we experience all 4 seasons.  The season of Fall tops them all.


The top 25 things I love about Fall.


Cozy sweatshirts & Sweatpants

A crackling fire in the fireplace

Fuzzy slippers

Thick socks

Flannel Sheets

Candles flickering

Rainy days

Breaking out the extra blankets

Chili in the crock pot

Chilly nights

Crisp mornings

Pumpkin bread

The colors of the leaves


Football & listening to my husband scream

Windy days

Leaves falling


Homemade soup & cornbread

The scent of cinnamon

Opening the windows

Sitting outside with my coffee

Staying in on blistery days, under a blanket with a good book

Anticipation of the Holidays

Hot tea

What are your favorite things about Fall?

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