Baby Steps Getting Organizied!!!

New YearBaby Steps Getting Organized.

Series  #1

Most of us are in the “After Christmas Coma”.  It is too exhausting to even think about putting away all of the decor and reclaiming our homes.

Who says it has to be done in one day?  If you accomplish each task methodically, and using the right products, it will take longer at first but make you feel like a rock star later.

Every year we say to ourselves that we are going to do better in the areas of our life that we struggle to master.  This new year, if you stay with me, we can conquer all of these desired resolutions together one step at a time.   From organizing to getting into shape we can do it.

If being more organized for the new year is on your list, you can do it one small project at a time.  Here are a few ideas to get you off to a good start on day one:

  • Buy a daily planner.  If you get into the habit of using one, your entire year will be easier and more organized.  See more:  Getting Yourself Organized
  • Add all of your important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc that you are expected to remember on the calendar
  • Program your phone to remind you of these dates in advance so you can mail cards & purchase gifts on time.
  • Purchase greeting cardsnew year for the entire year at one time.  Keep them in a greeting card organizernew year
    divided by month.
  • Take advantage of the after Christmas sales and purchase gifts in advance for the special occasions through out the year.

Are you overwhelmed and asking yourself “How do I get organized?”  Don’t be overwhelmed!  If you pick one thing a day to organize, by the end of this new year, you will have everything in perfect order and you will have mastered the very things that have bogged you down all year.  See more:  Organizing Basics.  Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Organize your Christmas decorations before putting them away.  Use the correct storage containersnew year to protect them.
  • Organize your Christmas gift wrapping supplies with the proper gift wrap storagenew year.


Share this series with your friends so we can all work together during the new year swapping ideas, encouraging each other and celebrating our accomplishments.  I look forward to your comments and meeting your friends 😆

Stay tuned for Baby Step #2

My Resolutions:

I need to loose 30 lbs this coming new year!

I desire to reach more people through this website by getting over 500 likes.

Be more productive, and trust God with my business.

Make new friends while keeping my old ones!

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