Perfect Portions Freezer Bags

When I get excited about a new product, I want to share it with you!  

Ziploc Perfect Portions Freezer Bag, 75 Count

If you guys haven’t tried these new Perfect Portions by Ziploc, you are missing out.  I LOVE THEM.  I recently came upon a sale on meat at my local store.  Naturally they were all in large packages and with it being just my husband and I,  I remembered the commercial for these Perfect Portion bags so I bought some.  When I returned home from the store, we began to separate the meats before freezing.

The Perfect Portion bags made it so quick and easy, plus I never had to touch the meat.  We put all of the individually portioned pieces (pork chops, chicken breast, 1 lb ground beef, steaks, etc.) together in a larger ziploc freezer bag and labeled the contents and date on the outside.  It is so awesome.  I can reach inside that large freezer ziploc and pick one or as many pieces that I need for dinner.  Plus, it makes defrosting much faster!   You have to try these.

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