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Craft Storage

craft storageSewing | Craft Storage And Organization

 Hi, my name is Susie and I am a fabric junkie!  

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Creative and crafty people understand how quickly our supplies can get out of hand.   When I am inspired to create something, having what I need at hand helps keep the inspiration coming.  However, if I had to search for everything to create my masterpiece my creativity would fade by the minute.  All of us fellow crafters are spontaneous which is why being organized is so important to keep our creative juices flowing.

Craft Storage

Some crafters have the privilege of having a dedicated room. If this is you, then go on with your bad self! 🙂 In the past I have had my own space too and it was wonderful.  However, at the present time, it seems more logical for me to have the extra bedroom for my out of town family. As a result I had to purge my endless supply of hoarded fabrics and such in order to fit everything into a double closet which definitely  required creative craft storage . Trust me when I say, it was a painful process but in the end it was also very liberating.

Craft StorageDuring your purge process, you will need your three sorting bins.  See ORGANIZING BASICS  Keep, throw away, donate / sell. 

However, in this post, I am going to recommend that you use your sorting bins differently for the moment. For this project, sort your categories first, such as sewing, crafts, scrapbooking, knitting, etc. As you sort, you will immediately start to see things that you do not want or could live without for the sake of space. Have an additional bin to place these items, so you can sort them the standard way later.  Cutting down on your inventory will require less craft storage!


craft storageSewing Storage:

If you are like me you have too many notions to fit into one cute little sewing kit. However, I do recommend that you have a basic sewing basketcraft storage set up for everyday mending and quick projects. This will prevent you from digging and searching for the basic necessities.

• Patterns: This is one category that was pretty easy for me. I had tons of old, outdated and out of style patterns. Why was I keeping these? For the ones that you do keep, use this Dritz Pattern File Box 7 5/8″x 12 5/8″x 9″ .

Clearly label the outside of your craft storage containers accordingly with your labeling machinecraft storage   I can’t stress enough the importance of having a labeling machine for your sewing and crafts. Label them such as; Kid’s patterns, craft patterns, etc. Make sure your craft storage containers have fitted lids so you can neatly stack them.  

craft storage

See why I love my labeling machine:  A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS #1


• Notions: For the smaller items, I like to have small craft storage containers  with dividers built in especially if I can move the dividers around for various sized items. I use the craft storage trays with multiple dividers and a tight fitting lid.  This type of craft storage is where I keep: Sewing needles, Thimbles, Fabric chalk, Bobbins, Seam ripper, etc.  Assorted sewing machine attachments such as zipper foot etc. Some sewing machines have built in storage for these. Definitely use that if you have it.

You get the idea. Keep each container for like items. Don’t share this container with items such as elastics or trims.

• For larger notions such as scissors, assorted cutters, etc., use a larger craft storage container.

• Elastics and bias tapes: You will need a craft storage container big enough to keep such items. I like to use zip lock baggies (snack size) for smaller pieces. I separate elastics by size and my bias tapes by color, each in their own baggie. Neatly store them together in one container or if you have a good supply of each, let them have their own container.

craft storagecraft storage
Ribbons, fringes and trims: Depending on how many you have, determines how you store them. For example: If you love having a variety of fringes, separate them into individual containers or baggies inside of another craft storage container.
craft storage

TIP:  For quick reference, cut a 2” piece of each trim from inside the container and neatly tape to the outside. This always helps to find a specific trim quickly. It will also prevent you from purchasing something you already have if you can’t quickly do an inventory.

 craft storagecraft storage
Fabrics: This is my main weakness. Because I find myself making small things such as Barbie clothes for my granddaughters, I tend to want to hold onto the smallest of pieces.  

During the purging of my fabrics I thought I would need a brown paper bag to breathe into. Yes it hurt. When I was finished, I had relieved myself of three black garbage bags of assorted fabrics. I gave them to a friend who is in a quilting club.  She was thrilled.

Craft Storage:

craft storage

Because each project requires a different variety of items it is best to sort by the items instead of project. Have separate craft storage containers for items such as:

Glue gun and glue sticks,  Floral wire and floral tapeButtons, Adhesives and glues, Staple gun and staples, Yarn, Crochet needles/knitting needles,• Scrapbooking supplies:   

Cutters and punchesDie cuts, Stickers (A sticker album with dividers is a great way to store them), Pages and page protectors, Adhesives
Acid free pens & markers, Colored acid free paper

You get the idea. Follow along until everything has a place and everything is in its place.   

Craft storage, and the “correct” craft storage is so important to crafters.  As a fellow crafter, I understand the need for craft storage and how your craft and sewing supplies can get way out of hand. We want to hold onto every little scrap of fabric, trim and button that we have just in case we might need it later. It is in our blood.  So when we feel creative and want to do a project, we want to be able to find what we need.  That is why having the right craft storage and organization is so important.

How many times have you been inspired to do a project only to become frustrated when it comes to finding the supplies and tools, that you know you already have, somewhere in the clutter?  

I have been teaching my 10 year old granddaughter to sew.  Check out her cute video teaching other little girls how to make a Barbie skirt. (Shot one week after she got her machine).  Video –  Sewing with Myia

Show your creativity when it comes to your craft storage!

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I hope you were inspired and

able to find the craft storage you need!

Let me know what craft or sewing project are you working on?

Happy Organizing!!!!!

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