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One thing I have learned over the years, your kitchen drawers can get very congested with things you never actually use or only use certain times of the year.  My question to you is, what are you digging through just to find your potato peeler?  

Just because you own it does not mean that it belongs in your drawer!  Simplify your life by simplifying your surroundings.

First thing to do is empty all of the contents of each drawer.  Utilize your 3 sort bins, see topic ORGANIZING BASICS.  You will be amazed at the things that you actually don’t need.

Wash the inside and outside of each drawer and put fresh liner down in each one.  

Now that you have your drawers cleaned and your “Keep” items separated, it’s time to start putting them in their new home, where they belong.  Before you can do that you need the proper organizers for each drawer. If you stand in front of your stove or sink, the drawers closest to you are going to be the ones you use more frequently.  It would not make sense to have your dish towels in a drawer clear across the kitchen, would it?  So utilize these drawers for your every day items.

I like to have my Flatware  in the drawer nearest my dishwasher.  It makes it easier when unloading.  The same goes for your cabinets as well.  I will get into that topic later.

For example:   Cookie Cutterskitchen drawer Are these something that you use once or twice a year?  If so, find a container that they fit in and label it “Cookie Cutters.”  and store at the top of your pantry or cabinet with extra space.

Let’s look at your utensilskitchen drawer.  Like all of us, there are things you usually keep in this drawer that you rarely use.  Things such as,  turkey baster, cheese slicer, egg slicer, nut crackers, melon ball thingy, etc.   If you use yours every week, by all means keep it in this drawer.  But if you’re like me, I use mine only several times a year.  Keep a container with a lid labeled “Cooking Utensils” and store it near the “Cookie Cutters”.  Stack them neatly with labels facing the front. (I also have a larger one that is marked “Grilling utensilskitchen drawer“).  If you continue on in this manner, you will be surprised at how little actually goes back into this drawer.  Make sure you have adequate dividers so items don’t get scattered around.

Dish towelskitchen drawer:  Take a minute and look at your towels and pot holders.  I mean really look at them.  Are they worn out, frayed, faded and stained?  When is the last time you bought new ones?  They are not very expensive.  New ones will make your drawer fresh.  I like mine to not necessarily match but to coordinate with each other and compliment my kitchen.  If yours are yucky, no matter how neatly you fold them, your dish towel drawer will still look yucky.  

Just for fun:  Think of it this way; you remember your mom telling you to put on nice underwear because you never know if you have to go to the hospital?  Well, what if you did have a stay in the hospital (God forbid), and your friends and family came and pitched in to help your husband and kids in your absence?  Would you be embarrassed or ready to impress?  Just saying!!

Take the drawers on either side of your stove, these should be for your everyday utensils , spatulas, large spoons, knives, etc.  I like to separate mine into two drawers; one for plastic & wooden and the other for metal & Kitchen kniveskitchen drawer.  When you break it down like this with the adequate dividers and compartments, you will always be able to find anything in a snap.

Your getting the hang of it!  Keep going, following these rules and your kitchen drawers will be ready to impress before you know it.

Now one last thing, the dreaded junk drawer.  Everyone has one, but when you look at it with your new insight, you will ask yourself, O.M.G. what is all of this doing in my kitchen?  Example you now know that: stamps (desk), crayons (child’s room), pony tail holders (hair care bathroom), pictures (photo storage), etc.  You will be amazed at how little will actually go back into this drawer.  I do however suggest that you get multi-compartment dividers for this one.  You need to get several of these because we will use these in your bathrooms as well.   You might have a junk drawer, but it doesn’t have to look junkie!

Are you making notes in your organizer “brain?”  See:  GETTING YOURSELF ORGANIZED FIRST Because when you get ready to place your order, you will know exactly what you are needing.

When everything is labeled properly it especially helps.  See why I love my label machine so much:  A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS #1


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