Patio Storage And Outdoor Living

 Patio Storage And Outdoor Living


Patio storage and organization  is crucial if you want a tranquil outdoor living space.

I Love spring!  Everything is coming back to life and it recharges my batteries to shake off my winter hibernation.  My favorite thing is to go outside in the mornings to drink my coffee on the patio and watch the humming birdspatio storage fight it out for the many feederspatio storage my husband and I put out.  The pool is now uncovered and my Knock out roses are bursting with blooms.  Ahh, my happy place.  

Did you know that you’re patio or deck is actually an extension of your home?  Let’s make it inviting and organized.  A well put together outdoor living space, screams family time!   However with my large family (6 grandchildren), even the most peaceful environment can become chaotic and messy, if there is not a plan for patio storage.  

Examples of my patio storage:  Pool toys are a major contributor to creating a mess.  We have an iron bakers rack to house some of our patio storage.  The bottom shelf has a large plastic bin with holes on the sides and bottom which contain the small outdoor toys.  The holes help them to air dry properly between use.  On another shelf I have a pretty water proof container that holds sunscreen & lotions.  I try to get everyone to bring their own towel when they come, however I will supply a few neatly folded on a shelf just in case one is needed.  As simple as this seems, just this small amount of patio storage and organization, lets your visitors know that you appreciate any effort they make to keep it that way.

At Gammy’s and Poppy’s house, our children and grandchildren know to pick everything up and put everything back in it’s place before leaving.  We never have to say a word, they just know.  Train ’em early 🙂

For pool float storagepatio storage check out this great selection of products.  For a huge selection of floats and toys see the attached page “Pool Floats and Toys.”

If you desire to create  organized patio storage that is practical and attractive, you have come to the right place.

Keter 186300 70 Gallon Garden Bench BoxIn order to determine the best patio storage for you, use the same strategies as we do indoors.  See ORGANIZING BASICS and let’s get it cleaned and uncluttered.  You need some comfortable yet outdoor friendly furniture that is inviting.  Using dual purpose pieces such as patio storage boxes that can double as a coffee table or extra seating, is a great way to cut down on clutter.  Designate patio storage for toys,  Grilling supplies, pool floats, etc.  Just as inside your house, everything outside needs to have a place too.   Don’t forget to put your style into the mix like an outdoor rug and some colorful potted plants.

I will leave you with this thought:  Our front yard reflects how we want others to see us (Public image).  However, our back yard reflects our inner self.  Now go fix up your back yard and plant some flowers that only you can see. 


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