The Perfect Homemade Sewing Table – DIY

How To Make The Perfect Sewing Table

Here is a trick of the trade, for those of you that have a dedicated craft/sewing room. For the ultimate sewing table:   Go to your local hardware store and purchase a sheet (or half sheet) of black board. It is usually around 1” thick. (This black board is what you see at construction sites. They put it on houses before they put siding up) It is very inexpensive and it is just like a cork board when covered. Place the black board onto a sheet of plywood and cover it with black-out drapery lining. With a staple gun, neatly staple it to the underside of plywood. Place on top of table or saw horses. With your new white sewing table top you will be able to pin your projects directly to the table while you work. It also allows for you to iron as you work without the need for an ironing board. I love my sewing table. Since I don’t have room for my 8 ft table anymore, I made a smaller one that I can pull out whenever I want.

This is also a perfect sewing table for making draperies. Hope you enjoy!



If you build this sewing table please let me know.  I would love to hear from you!

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