Tips For Organizing Thanksgiving

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Start Doing The Little Things Now

And Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

For some of you this may be your first time to host Thanksgiving for your friends and family.  For others, you’ve done it for years.  No matter how seasoned you are at hosting Thanksgiving, we all love to have helpful tips and tricks for making the day go smoother.  I have put together a list that will help with organizing your Thanksgiving Day and save you time so you can enjoy the day yourself.   Monday

  • Determine how many will be coming.
  • Purchase all the necessary food items.
  • If you are short on seating, ask some quest to bring additional tables and chairs
  • If your turkey is frozen, put it on a cookie sheet on bottom shelf of frig to began thawing.
  • Dump your ice maker into large freezer bags to began making extra ice for your Thanksgiving guest.  Why buy it when you have time to make plenty.
  • Clean and organize your house house.
  • Prepare your guest room with fresh linens.
  • Make sure yard is presentable
  • Clean glass on front door
  • Determine if you will need highchairs or boosters.  Borrow what you do not have and make sure they are clean
  • For larger children, have movies and games set out
  • Call and confirm who is coming and what they are bringing.  If they are bringing a casserole ask them how long it takes to cook so you can prepare for the extra time.  It is always best if they bring their dishes hot from their oven.


  • Prepare your table linens
  • Hang your wreath or any other Thanksgiving decorations like candles and centerpiece.
  • Plan ahead for left overs.  Have extra containers, bags and wraps.
  • Look at your menu and determine what can be prepared in advance.  For example: pies, cornbread for dressing, cakes, etc
  • Check your supply of serving dishes and utensils, you may want to ask quest to bring some.
  • Check your dishtowels and pot holders.  Embarrassing?  Go get you some new ones.
  • Extra paper towels are a must.
  • Chill beverages
  • Make sure there is a fire set up and ready to be lit in the fireplace
  • Sharpen your carving knives


  • Arrange chairs and place settings.
  • Wash and pre-chop any vegetables for Thanksgiving meal and place in sealed bag in frig.
  • Peel your potatoes and place in cold water in frig to keep from turning.
  • Prepare anything in advance that you can.
  • Pre-cook your vegetables for your dressing and place in sealable bag or container in frig.
  • Bake your pies, cool and cover with plastic wrap
  • Pre-mix your casseroles so they can just be popped in the oven the next day.
  • Make a staging area for coffee & drinks with creamers, sugars, sweeteners, cups & saucers.
  • Check your bathrooms for any touch ups needed and make sure they are fully stocked.
  • Plan what you are wearing the next day.
  • Get a good nights sleep.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Get yourself dressed and ready first.  Always remember to put yourself on the list!
  • Double check condition of house.
  • Light Thanksgiving scented candles (pumpkin spice, apple or any scent that reflects the day).
  • Put on some festive relaxing music.
  • Preheat Oven.
  • Set out serving dishes and utensils.
  • Fill condiment dishes with your choice, pickles, olives, cranberry sauce & cover with plastic wrap & chill.
  • Assign specific family members or  relatives to tending the fire, pouring drinks, answering the door, hanging up coats and watching children and  helping with cleanup.
  • Cook your turkey and dressing early to free up oven for casseroles. (keep meat at specified temp).
  • Bake casseroles remembering you can microwave at last minute to warm up.
  • Make gravy and last minute vegetables.
  • Light candles on table.
  • Put on a pot of coffee.
  • Bake dinner rolls.
  • Now you sit down and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and your company.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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